Walk of Hands: certificate graduation exhibition

There is a great fascination emanating from hands. Twenty-seven tiny bones give them the ability to exert all kinds of movements. We can sense, grab, feel and point, but also communicate by using gestures and hand signs. Hands can help, care, love, and create, but also destroy. Everywhere we go, we leave our fingerprints, our personal traces that show our impact on life. To what extent we can influence our life depends on our actions and the life goals we choose to reach for.

My project is a journey through the essential needs and desires in life, expressed by the questions: What do we care about? What is important to us? What do we have in our ‘hands,’ at our fingertips, to lead a satisfying life? I do not want to show out materialistic desires; rather I want to describe values. As individuals we all experience different things in life. Our existence is shaped by events life throws at us, the people and moments that touch us, and the way we handle all of it.

To illuminate the theme, I used different materials for my project to make sculptures, assemblages, drawings, prints, and photographs. This variety gave me the opportunity to create a very special body of work.

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